We are committed. From the heart.

We support what is close to our hearts. As part of the UNICUM Group, it is embedded in our DNA that we are committed to creating platforms that can be used to reach young people and students.

This has not only resulted in a dialog with employers, companies, universities and students in order to continuously improve these platforms. Rather, we want to support organizations, NGOs and other charitable activities and create platforms here as well. UNICUM TV offers these organizations visibility on campus and online. We want to play our part in giving platforms and visibility to people who come together to initiate things and make the world a little better.

“Viva con Agua wants to activate people for clean drinking water – whether through donations or volunteering. That’s why we want to reach motivated young people where they are and inspire them with our vision of “water for all”. With UNICUM TV, we achieve this through the power of images and positive storytelling that moves people.”

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

“At ROCK YOUR LIFE! we believe that every person has unique potential and that social background should not determine a person’s future. That’s why we connect committed students with socially disadvantaged young people in a 1:1 mentoring program. Through UNICUM TV, we achieve enormous visibility directly with our target group and can thus inspire numerous young people to work with us for more educational equality.”