Addressable TV

UNICUM TV offers you a high-quality advertising inventory for addressable TV. Data from television research enables extensive targeting options and helps you to get your message into the living environment of students. You can also extend your DOOH campaigns from universities to students at home. The easy-to-create “L banner” is visible for 10 seconds after switching without interrupting the TV program.

The fusion of TV and Internet

Addressable TVs are HbbTV-enabled Smart TVs that are connected to the Internet. ATV devices have internal and unique IDs. Together with data from television research, this enables data-based targeting and the addressing of specific target groups. Across Germany, 18 million Smart TV sets can be controlled.

Advantages of Addressable TV

  • Reaching students at home

  • Exclusively in the editorial environment (instead of advertising island)
  • Large range

  • Special student channel

  • Television advertising even with low budgets

  • High distribution among young target group

  • Easy to produce advertising material

  • Full attention after switching the program

The Addressable TV portfolio*

RTL Group
Seven One Entertainment Group
*individual channels not bookable

Further services for you

DOOH network at universities

UNICUM TV is your full-service agency for successful DOOH campaigns. Benefit from the nationwide reach of our DOOH network. UNICUM TV offers the largest network of digital info screens at German universities for your dynamic campaigns.

Mobile Ads

Reach students on their smartphone. Extend your DOOH campaign to mobile devices or benefit from our wide range of targeting options to maximize the success of your campaign.

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