Successful advertising on university screens

UNICUM TV is your full-service agency for successful DOOH campaigns

Benefit from the nationwide reach of our DOOH network.

UNICUM TV offers the largest network of digital info screens at German universities for your dynamic campaigns.

Weekly range*


University screens

in Germany

Gross contacts* in millions

per month


In Germany

Running time in hours


Technical universities

of the 9 leading TUs

* Source: GIM study “Public & Private Screens Q4, 2022” (published by DMI), as of December 2022

Wide range or top selection?

With the UNICUM TV network, you can either benefit from the wide reach or select according to criteria such as:

  • Time

  • Federal state/Nielsen area

  • University

  • Department

  • University sports

  • Canteen

Digital screens are where your target group is

Our university screens are placed wherever your campaigns achieve many contacts through long dwell times. The screens at universities can be found here so that you can reach your target group at all times:

  • Canteens

  • Cafeterias

  • University sports

  • Waiting areas

  • Outdoor areas

  • Foyers

DOOH media achieve a higher perception

Source: DOOH trend analysis 2019 © 2019 Fachverband Aussenwerbung e. V. | outmaxx media service AG

We have realized hundreds of video campaigns in recent years

A selection of matters close to our hearts

Experience a selection of successful UNICUM TV campaigns here.

Colorful, dynamic and target group-relevant advertising for students!

Further services for you

Mobile Ads

Reach students on their smartphone. Extend your DOOH campaign to mobile devices or benefit from our wide range of targeting options.

Addressable TV

Reach students at home on internet-enabled TV sets. ATV makes television advertising possible even with a small budget. Data-based targeting allows you to specifically address your desired target group. And outside the advertising island for maximum attention!

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