Digital signage for university sports

Take advantage of the benefits of digital screens at your university sports venue

The digital signage solution from UNICUM TV digitizes, simplifies and optimizes your communication at your location. We create real added value for students, staff and visitors.

What advantages does this offer me?

The installation and operation of screens in your university sports facility enhances your location. They offer students and employees a modern and up-to-date communication platform. In addition to an infotainment program, information from the adh and selected advertising, you can also communicate your messages in real time.

UNICUM TV is a service partner of the General German University Sports Association and the point of contact for all member universities for digital signage and infotainment services for university sports.


Our solution: UNICUM TV

Do you already have screens and want to control them centrally? Do you lack the necessary resources to operate a digital signage network? Would you like to know how you can generate revenue with digital signage? UNICUM TV offers you the right solution!

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UNICUM TV is your partner for the marketing of screens.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the successful marketing of screens at universities, student unions and other institutions. In consultation with you, we offer the advertising partners that suit you and your locations. Our aim is to create attractive added value for students. Benefit from the profitable marketing of your screens.

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The most important arguments

Entertainment and information

The infotainment package consists of:

Your messages

Latest news

Information from the adh

selected advertising

Data from book systems

Generate revenue

With the marketing of your screens you can:

Revenues from shares benefit from advertising measures

Refinance any investments

Reinvesting surpluses

Further services

Individual problems

Our decades of experience in working with universities and educational institutions make us a reliable partner who also has an answer to individual requirements.

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Would you like to generate revenue for your university sports location?

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UNICUM TV Newsletter

We inform you monthly about the latest developments and trends in digital signage and DOOH media. You will also receive free tips and tricks for communicating at your university. Further information on the storage and processing of your data can be found here.

    About UNICUM TV
    We are THE Specialist for digital signage and screen networks at universities and educational institutions. As the first specialized provider of this kind on the market, we have almost 15 years of experience in digital communication with students. We provide you with comprehensive technical and editorial advice and support and are also happy to take care of the entire production, program design and successful marketing of the screen space.
    Our aim is always to improve your communication with students and staff and to create real added value with relevant content.