Mobile Ads

Reach students on their smartphones and tablets. As an optimal re-targeting tool for your DOOH campaigns at universities, mobile ads offer perfect opportunities to deliver your campaigns to specific target groups. Extensive targeting options and a completely individual target group approach are possible with our mobile products. Whether local, state or nationwide targeting, with UNICUM TV you can also choose from wide-ranging demographic or even interest-based criteria to optimize your campaign.

Advertise on your smartphone

You do not have to advertise directly at the university to address students efficiently. UNICUM TV offers extensive opportunities to address students on their smartphones at any time. No matter what time of day or night, smartphone screens are always with their users and are used more frequently than any other screen media. The advertising environments are a wide variety of websites and apps. You advertise your brand or your products and services in attractive and high-quality environments. Of course, your messages will not appear together with those of your competitors.

The targeting options for mobile ads

Extensive and diverse targeting options offer access not only to age, gender or place of residence. Key interests and hobbies can also be combined to create the perfect target group segment for your campaign.

  • Sociodemographics

  • Interests

  • Purchase intentions

  • App usage

  • Transaction data

  • Point of interest

  • and much more…

DOOH and mobile: the ideal combination

Combine advertising in our DOOH network with advertising on smartphones. Students who have seen your campaign on one of our screens at the university will see your message again on their smartphone. This not only increases the visibility of your campaign, it also conveys your messages in a more sustainable and holistic way. You can also create various interaction options.

Here you get the best tools for branding, couponing and more. Guide your target group into your store (drive-to-store). You will also receive many tools for monitoring success.

Further services for you

DOOH network at universities

UNICUM TV is your full-service agency for successful DOOH campaigns. Benefit from the nationwide reach of our DOOH network. UNICUM TV offers the largest network of digital info screens at German universities for your dynamic campaigns.

Addressable TV

Reach students at home on internet-enabled TV sets. ATV makes television advertising possible even with a small budget. Data-based targeting allows you to specifically address your desired target group. And outside the advertising island for maximum attention!

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